The HRP is the Human Resource Pool. This “pool” is simply a database of members willing to perform services in NA. The HRP is the same idea as members with their numbers on a meeting list, a list of members ready to help.

The only people who can see the HRP list will be the Fellowship Development Chair and the committee’s vice-chair to protect our member’s anonymity.

The questions inside the HRP Input Form are to help us pair you up with the right service tasks. These questions are focused on the areas of service you enjoy doing the most. The services offered to help us build a map of services provided so geographically we can encourage collaboration between neighboring committees where possible.

In a way, this is an “application,” but there is no wrong answer to any questions here. The questions help us understand/identify your particular skills and the type of service you like to do.

We just need your first name and the necessary contact information.

No, this is not mandatory at all. The HRP and Service Form are services offered should you choose to use them.

The only members with access to your contact information and your Input Form are the Fellowship Development Chairperson and the committee’s vice-chair.

A GSR, RCM, or Delegate are part of a delegation stream. The sharing of information and services in the Fellowship. The HRP is one of those services we hope they shared with you; if not, the HRP was never made to replace them at all. This service is to strengthen and help support our trusted servants in their efforts.

Professionalism is “the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person.” We do not believe that the HRP is an example of professionalism but a better way to pair talent with need. The services do not change; just how we access them may. We hope that the HRP becomes accessible to any group, Area, Region, or subcommittee and is used to strengthen what they do already.

A valid concern, but this is not the reality of the HRP. The Human Resource Pool helps fill those positions more than anything else, not pull people from them.

The information gets updated as we fill requests. When a member gets asked to help fulfill a service request, we will reaffirm their interest in staying within the HRP. Should we prove unable to contact the member, the member will be removed from the HRP.

No, Fellowship Development is not an “oversight” committee at all. We are a supporting committee and work directly for the requesting members of the North-East Zonal Forum.

The HRP is used to help mentor members in learning new forms of service. It is for this reason that any member can join.


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