NEZF Fellowship Development: Service Volunteers and Service Requests

NEZF Service Request Form:

This short-form can be completed by a member, Group, Area, which includes any subcommittees and a region consisting of their subcommittees. The purpose of this form is to get some information on a project you are currently undergoing or would like to take on. This information is not used to sidestep the service structure in any way but rather is used to pair you up with the nearest service body or member to collaborate with you on your project. We are calling this a Task Team. A Task Team will then be formed for the single project requested; of course, you are more than welcome to continue together afterward on your own.

HRP Input Form:

The Service Volunteers are the meat and potatoes of the whole process. The Service Volunteer pool is the database of experienced and willing members. Members from all over NA have inputted their information on service topics they are most interested in and passionate about. These members would undergo a short “interview” before being paired with a prospective Task Team. The purpose of the interview is for the NEZF FD committee to share the right person for the right job.

Once the Task Team has completed their project, the NEZF FD committee will reach out to whoever filled out the Service Request Form. We will ask if we were successful in the pairing, if you would use this service again, and any additional information you want to share with us as we continue to grow.

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